There are plenty of glitzy agencies. Many are good at what they do. However, we prefer working with smaller businesses. We don’t mind taking the time to learn about you and your business. In fact, we truly enjoy it.

Over the last few weeks, we’ve visited the main streets of Lindstrom, Chisago, Roseville, Forest Lake, Spring Lake Park, and Columbus. You won’t find any skyscrapers in those towns. What you will find are lots of small businesses busting their butts to make a go of their business. We respect that a ton.

We understand that while your business may be considered small it is a huge deal to you. It provides your income, supports your family, employs people, supports your community, and fulfills a dream. There is nothing small about the role that small businesses play.

Yet there are challenges that are unique to a small business. There is only one you and only so many hours in a day and there is so much to do. A small business owner often doesn’t have the luxury of delegating and departments to handle different duties. It more often than not all falls on the owner to get it done. Marketing is just one of name things on a long list.

In the process of taking care of customers and employees and putting out one fire after another the big goals and the should dos slip through the cracks. This constant struggle can make growing your business an uphill battle.

That’s where Main Street Marketers comes in. We come to you. We listen. We may ask an annoying number of questions – because it is the only way we can learn about what you need. It is the only way we can feel your pain. It is the only way to make a plan on moving forward.

Only once we feel like we have a sense of what your business needs will we make recommendations. We will never sell you something we don’t see as having strong potential to move your business in the right direction. In some of our recent meetings with prospects and clients we’ve heard frustration over some other companies not paying attention to them. Our goal at Main Street Marketers is not to sell you something and then move onto the next things. Our goal is to partner with you over the long haul.

We know there are no get rich quick scenarios in small business success. Not for you and not for us. We are looking for partners. We want to get together regularly to check in and see if the plan is moving the needle in the right direction. If not, let’s make adjustments.

We won’t be too busy to listen and we won’t have a pre-planned agenda. Let’s get together and see how we fit, together we’ll come up with a plan that helps your small business reach its full potential.