Main Street Marketers is on the move. We are in that fun stage getting ourselves figured out. Russ and I have lots of experience in the advertising arena but our business is new. We have strong beliefs about who we are as people and what we want our business to be.

I’m grateful we’ve been pretty busy right from the get-go. We’ve been too busy to finish our own website. Yikes, that makes me feel crazy. I mean we are an ad agency who believes in having a good website after all. The thing is though we put our customers first. Last week met with a variety of business people. Some were one person running the show, wearing all of the hats. Some were representing a small business they didn’t own but were equally determined to grow.

Across the varied businesses, a couple things stood out to me. We are all juggling. We are juggling kids, health concerns, budget restrictions, time constraints, and goals. It can be exhausting trying to keep up with ALL OF THE THINGS.

Our schedules are full and our tanks are often empty. I think each business we met with would feel the same degree of relief if their to-do list was shortened. Sigh.

That’s where Main Street Marketers really shines. We want to free up some of your time at work to get back to doing what you love, what you’re good at. So many of you didn’t sign on to be a marketing expert yet there you are doing your best to stay up-to-date on the latest Facebook algorithms and advertising trends. When your time is better spent mentoring your staff, meeting with clients, and working your business hands-on.

As a working mom I know I’d like my to-do list shortened. There just isn’t enough time or energy to do everything as well as I’d like it done. If you’re looking for some balance let’s look at your list and see what Main Street Marketers can help with. We can’t (won’t) do your dishes or scrub your toilets but we will write outstanding copy, craft an ad campaign, and get your social media up-to-date. That would feel pretty good. Maybe not as good as all the laundry being clean but pretty good.

Contact us if you’d like a shorter to-do list. You don’t have to juggle it all.