Most small business owners don’t think of their website as an employee. Perhaps they should.

Your website is a tremendous resource for prospective and returning customers. Just like a good employee can answer questions and provide information for guests, your website should be a wealth of information.

It should provide a warm welcome, quickly provide basic information, provide excellent customer service, and be selling for you. If it isn’t, well it isn’t doing its job.

If you had an employee that only worked sometimes or couldn’t answer basic questions you likely wouldn’t be very happy with that employee. If you had an employee that was rude to customers, you wouldn’t likely keep that person on your payroll for long.

Your website represents your business in much the same way. If your site doesn’t provide the basics in an easy-to-use way, visitors are going elsewhere. If your site isn’t mobile-friendly it is frustrating your visitors – I guarantee it. You are losing business.

Take a Fresh Look

With this perspective in mind, take an honest look at your website. Use it from your phone. Pretend you’ve never looked at it before. What first impression does it make?

Do you feel welcomed?

Are the hours and location easy to see?

Does it tell you what you do?

Is there a clear sense of your brand/personality?

Are you easy to contact?

Time for a Review

Reviews with employees offer a time to give feedback and offer suggestions for improvement. With the perspective of your website as an employee still in place conduct a review of your website. No one’s feelings are going to be hurt, so be brutally honest. Is your website as asset or a liability? Is it worth some investment to bring it to the next level or does it need to be replaced entirely?

We know you likely hate the thought of having to go through the hiring process, but can you afford to keep an employee that is poorly representing your business?

A Super Star Employee

A well-done website will become one of your biggest marketing assets – the super star on your team! It will be working on your behalf 24/7/365 – good luck finding a person to do that.

Good News

Finding and hiring great employees is a common struggle these days. Fortunately, getting a great website isn’t nearly as difficult. If the review of your current site didn’t go so well and you think the time has come for a fresh start look no further than Main Street Marketers.

We do our best to make the process easy for you. We begin by asking A LOT of questions, for the simple reason, we want to really know about your business. We don’t want to make assumptions or take guesses at who you are and what your small business is all about.

Throughout the process we keep the consumer experience front and center. What does a visitor to your site want and need to know? How can we make their experience a pleasant one that makes them want to do business with you?

We don’t want to just provide information that sits stagnate. We want to create a dynamic website that evolves as your business does and drives traffic. Together we can put a super star site to work for your business.

Let’s get started.