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  • Training and Certification
  • In-booth Training
  • Field Quality Analysis


Learn From the Best

ICS provides training and certification for your paint team. We off painter certification programs where painters and paint supervisors are trained in all areas that effect paint, pre-treatment, and equipment.

Your team will receive in-person training, be given a written exam, and be treated at their application area. ICS will present a certificate and provide you with a record to keep on file.

We make this process convenient and you can rest assured knowing your staff is learning the best practices in the industry.


we’re different

Engineering-Based Service

Quality assurance only comes with an engineering-based service team and the knowledge of these three key areas in finishing.

The training ICS provides is extensive and geared to your paint line. Hands-on expertise along with tangible examples and useful visual aids.

Unlike the big box commodity paint suppliers, we are a small business that can respond fast and provide individualized solutions backed by over two decades of experience.

All of this leads to measurable results and lasting gains.


comprehensive training

You Won’t Get Elsewhere

training to your paintline

ICS will provide training that is specific to your needs. We will provide step by step instruction as it relates to your application requirements.


    Don’t settle for generic overviews, invest in training that will exceed expectations.

In-Booth Training

We know the best way to learn is by doing, for that reason we offer in-person in-booth training. There are several benefits:

  • Improved finish quality and mil consistency BE
  • Reduced rework cost
  • Ergonomic solutions for each painter
  • Reduced overspray and less product use
  • Waste reduction
  • Pattern training
  • Problem resolution
  • Safety in application and paint handling

Accountability & field quality analysis


ICS will train your painters and provide a system for equipment maintenance and accountability.

Once your product is in the field, ICS will build a history of field reports allowing us to correct problems proactively and prove our performance in the field. We monitor several characteristics of the paint as well as keep records of client feedback, excessive storage, and us conditions to gain an in-depth understanding of needs and make adjustments as needed.

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