One of our customers recently reached a milestone on their Facebook page when they surpassed 1,000 Likes. When we started managing their Facebook page a little over 3 months prior they were holding steading in the mid-400s with little engagement.

So, does hitting 1,000 or any other milestone really change anything?

Yes and no.

If you have followers who are not engaging with your page, a large number of followers probably won’t do you much good. That is why we use a combination of content that is unique to the business and content that has universal appeal, often humor.

It is common for business owners to question that content. They feel compelled to simply share information about their business. It is understandable of course, they work hard and are proud of their business. The thing is though, people don’t care. Not YET anyway.

When I first entered the advertising field, I sold print advertising. Clients always wanted to put their business name at the top of the ad. They saw their business name as the headline because their pride took over.

Here is a rule that applies to both print and digital advertising: People don’t care who you are until they know what you do.

People need to get to know you first. Once you’ve started the relationship you can share bits and pieces about what you do and it will be better received. This isn’t always the case, if you’re business involves fun (entertain/food) you won’t have to work so hard at getting people engaged.

Why does engagement matter?

When people engage with your page that activity may appear in the newsfeeds of that person’s friends. So the more Likes, the bigger your audience, the better your content, the better your chance of engagement, the more engagement, the more chance of growing your audience, and on it goes.

I liken page likes to wiring. The wiring in your home is hidden within the walls but it plays a crucial role in  connecting your action to a desired result. You flip the switch and the lights come on. The Likes and engagement on your Facebook page will eventually lead to sales. It may not be immediately visible, but connections are built over time that will lead to results.

What do people engage with?

Most people are fairly stressed out and humor has a universal appeal. It is easy for people to interact with a post that makes them laugh. They are far more likely to comment and possibly even share a post that they find funny.

People also appreciate authenticity. This can come in the form of video or regular posts that show people who you are. Introduce your team. Celebrate milestones. Ask for customer feedback. Share testimonials. All of this helps people to learn who you are and what you’re about. If they like “you” they are more likely to do business with you. Social media isn’t all that different than real like. If you’re likeable and present yourself in a professional manner you’re more likely to get the sale.

How do I grow my audience?

If you’re looking to grow your audience you should plan on posting 2-3x per day consistently. That should be a combination of content.

  • Share information about your business
  • Use photos and video to tell your story
  • Share posts from other sites and give credit
  • Use humor
  • Share newsletters and blog posts to social media

If you want to grow your audience and put social media to work for you but feel overwhelmed at the thought of creating all of that content, relax – that is why Main Street Marketers exists.